home page of apollo dvd copy why apollo dvd copy?
  • Copy DVD to DVD ±R/RW with no loss of quality within 30 mins.
  • Supports NTSC/PAL movies,supports D5/9 DISC,supports all popular DVD recorders.
  • 30day money back guarantee,Free lifetime tech support and upgrade.Much more...
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System Requirements

  • 500 MHz or higher CPU(Intel P4 is strongly recommended).
  • DVD writer drives.
  • 4.3 GB or more free disk space.

Here are some tips to successfully clone your DVDs:

  • Ensure the DVD you wish to copy is clean (no finger prints) and not scratched.
  • Use high quality recordable DVD disc like Verbatim, CMC, Ritek, Sony, Fuji, etc. Avoid using cheap discs. Always refer to the DVD writer manufacturer for the list of recommended discs for your DVD writer drive.
  • Ensure you have sufficient hard-disk space (at least 4.3 GB).
  • See Faqs.

1.Install Apollo DVD Copy, just run the setup file and follow the instructions.

2.Run Apollo DVD Copy...

3.Select a DVD Image source,"Device" means from a DVD ROM or "DVD-Video Folder" in your harddisc.

If you select "Device",please select the DVD ROM with source DVD movie disc insert.

If you select "DVD-Video Folder",please select the folder contains DVD image in your hard disk.

4.Select copy mode:"Copy main movie" or "Split into 2 D5" or " Copy full disc",

"Copy main movie" will copy only main movie,without DVD menu and special features to one disc.

"Split into 2 D5" will split a D9 disc into 2 D5 disc,copy full disc with movie,DVD menu,special features,all subtiles and languages.

"Copy full disc" will compress a D9 disc into 1 D5 disc,copy all movies,DVD menu,special features,selected subtiles and languages.

5.If you select "Copy main movie" or "Copy full disc", you can hit button to select any audios and subtitles you wanted,the default option will select all of the audios and subtitles.

6.Select destination type,"Recorder" or "DVD-Video Folder".

If you select "Recorder",please select a DVD writer with a blank disc insert,

and then select a folder to save temporary files.Please make sure you have enough free disc space to store temporary files.A D5 disc needs 5G and D9 disc needs 9G free space.

If you select "DVD-Video Folder",please select a folder to save dvd movie files.these files(DVD image) can be used for playing or burning later.

7.Now all are setted properly, just click on "Start" button to start processing.DVD copy is a long time job,it will take you 20-40 minutes, depending on your system speed.We strongly recommend you use intel P4 cpu to run Apollo DVD Copy.
8.If you have any questions ,please see the help file firstly(comes with the installation package) or contact us.

Good Luck! ;-)


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